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Flora-Quest, scheduled in Marblehead, Ohio on Lake Erie    
 is teamed up with ONAPA for a rare plant field trip.

A unique opportunity to see the globally rare Lakeside Daisy,
as Flora-Quest teams up with the Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association
to offer a special limited trip.  See the Lakeside Daisy Preserve and take a private
tour of a very unique habitat on the Marblehead Peninsula.  We will be some 220
miles due north from our usual location in Portsmouth, Ohio.  

    Mark your calendar for the new dates: WEEKDAYS- May 12-13!
       We will offer a free "welcome" session on Sunday Night, May 11th,
     if you would rather stay over the night before the main event.

    This year, the Ohio Ornithological Society has decided to return to Shawnee
    for their Tenth Annual Conference- being held the last weekend of April.

    As many Flora-Quest patrons know, many of our southern Ohio local guides
    will be an important part of the OOS Conference.  So, if you would like to
    know more about birding, and enjoy a birding and botany trip to Shawnee
    in 2014, we recommend you check out the Ohio Ornithological Society.
Meanwhile, if you are looking for a botanical event in southern Ohio,
click on the gray box below for a re-direct to the Arc of Appalachia:

    Don't hesitate to use your Flora-Quest reduced hotel rates to stay a few
    extra days!   There is plenty to see and do on Lake Erie!
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Master Gardeners and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists
may use these events for their educational requirements.

Click here for past photos and species list !
May 12-13, 2014

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