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Aug 27-29, 2015

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                   Flora-Quest in the Heart of Ohio!
    Complete Agenda for Flora-Quest 2015
    Your Drive to Flora-Quest: Map and directions  

    This year we are embracing a new habitat, the hemlock forests and uplands of
    Mohican State Forest. Mohican’s hemlock eco-systems hold the key to Ohio's
    largest and rarest salamander, the Hellbender.  Our conference and outings on
    Aug 27-29, 2015 will explore the waterfalls, ferns, aquatic life and hemlock
    trees of the Clear Fork river gorge. We will take one day to understand
    Mohican's ecosystems and a second day to learn how they are impacted by

    We will visit Malabar Farm, home of  author Louis Bromfield, to learn about
    this 1940's visionary and the beautiful old growth forest trees and wetlands he
    protected. Bromfield helped us to understand good farming practises are vital
    to healthy aquatic systems, which impact the hellbender and the people in
    Pleasant Valley and beyond.  Will we honor the Bromfield legacy which feeds the
    land and protects our natural heritage, or will Ohio be a land of extraction?
    Since 2007, we have been educating Ohioans to their unique botanical com-
    munities.  It is Flora-Quest's goal to connect citizens with their natural heritage.
    In the words of Baba Dioum, "In the end we will only conserve what we love,
    love what we understand, and understand only what we are taught."

    Please join us in Mohican Forest and Pleasant Valley, there is much to learn and
    love about this land. Whether the quest you choose visits waterfalls, the
    counter-facing trails of the river gorge, or an aquatic adventure, come home to
    Mohican.  We are ready for you.


The Covered Bridge at the Mohican Clear Fork River Gorge.
The beautiful image of Hemlock Falls
which graces our 2015 card was
provided by local photographer.
Michael Frank.
Visit his website here.