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Pennsylvania sedge April 3, 2007
Welcome to the Weedpicker's Journal! Spring is upon us, and it is a great time to share our interests in the flora and butterflies of Ohio.

On the way to the mail box today, I happened upon this litte sedge, no more than 3 inches high. What is a sedge? Well, welcome to the world of the triangular stemmed forbs which you never noticed before. Amazing little guys who are everywhere, once you become attuned to their presence. This one Carex pensylvanica , or Pennsylvania sedge is a very common sedge found in dry, oak woodlots.

Yes, it is easy to confuse with a grass until you examine them closely. Pick a stem and note the three-sidedness. Sedges have edges! And that is way cool! Welcome to a whole new world. Now you will start looking at every thing green by the roadside.
Happy Botanizing! Weedpicker Cheryl

2007-04-03 22:41:53 GMT
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