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Stone Walled April 11, 2007
Anyone who tours the Governor's Residence and Heritage Garden is sure to admire the Cross Vine, Bignonia Capreolata when it blooms on the south-facing wall. It is a real rarity in Ohio, that is for sure. This is a specialty plant growing in a micro-clime. The south wall, which is protected from the wind, retains enough heat to convince this vine that it is at home on the rock cliffs of southern most Ohio.

The picture shows the real McCoy. Taken last year in, mid-April, this Cross Vine is blooming on a rock wall across from the Ohio River. There are only a few native occurrences in Southern Ohio for this showy member of the Bignonia family. Those tube shaped flowers are just screaming for a humming bird to come along and pollinate them.

You may recognize the near relative of this plant, the Trumpet Creeper, Campsis radicans. It is far better known by gardeners in our state. Either way, the humming birds are happy campers.

2007-04-12 03:24:17 GMT
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