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Snakeroot September 15, 2007

Fall is a time for many confusing Asteraceae. The goldenrods, the asters, and one more in the family of look-alikes, the snakeroot vs. boneset clan.

I am in Columbus at the State Master Gardener Conference. There are tons of knowledgeable gardeners at this gathering, but I bet many of them would have trouble sorting these buggers out! That goes for the bugs too! Apparently they are ambush bugs, but I an no insect expert. They were so small- I couldn't make out any detail with the naked eye. And the close up looks like young bugs in love :)

But back to our White Snakeroot, Algeratina altissima, that's right - no longer an Eupatorium. New names for everybody! This family has more new names than a meeting of the Federal witness protection program.

OK, I am off for a fun filled day of hob-nobbing with best best gardeners in some of the best gardens Columbus has to offer. Who know what great plants will show up on this blog next!

2007-09-15 10:37:15 GMT
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