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Claridon! September 19, 2007

The plaque at the Claridon Prairie reads:

This grassland, extending one mile east between the road and the railway, is one of the few surviving remnants of the once extensive prairies that were part of pioneer Marion County. This strip, preserved by chance when the railway and the road were constructed side-by-side, contains more than 75 species of significant prairie grasses and flowers.

1978 Marion County Historical Society

and The Ohio Historical Society

It is interesting to note, popular belief says that the occasional fires from coal-fired trains actually helped to preserve prairies, as fire kills the woody species that try to gain a foothold. Today’s trains no longer spew smoke and sparks, and an abstract from 2003 cites: 177 species growing in this remnant prairie. Of those species, 5 are state listed as rare plants. For the complete abstract, click here.
2007-09-19 11:18:01 GMT
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