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A West Virginia favorite April 12, 2007
Here is a plant that would be easy to pass by on a woodland stroll. Unassuming and seemingly unremarkable, yet there are entire festivals revolving around this potent little fellow. A strange bedfellow for the lily family, this allium, or onion-like plant has a flavor some folks crave. And I understand, once you have it, you may acquire a taste for garlic like flavor.

Ramps, as they are commonly known, or Allium tricoccum, are popular in the spring when very fresh and still tender. The leaves will soon disappear and a flower will make an appearance, looking a great deal like a wild, white onion bloom. After flowering it makes its disappearance act and remains dormant until next year.

They say it is not hard to tell one who has been partaking in the Ramps, as it is likely to remain heavy on the breath for hours or days. Hmm, sounds like a good way to share with friends! :) So once a quaint hill-top tradition, they are now being cultivated by gourmet chefs. Have a taste yourself and see, just don't breathe on me afterward, Weed-picker.
2007-04-13 04:02:27 GMT
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