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Lake Vacation October 02, 2007
Just home from a brief vacation and ready to share photos. North-east Ohio is a great place to go for a fall foliage tour and there are many interesting places to see while you are there.

One of them is Lake Kelso, billed as a living link to the ice age. Kelso is a kettle lake which was formed by a glacier. These unique wetlands, known as a peat bog, are a rarity in Ohio. The cold, acidic and oxygen-poor waters are characterized by sphagnum moss and a host of unusual plants, which would be more commonly found in Canada.

The lovely foliage changing color in this photo is none other than the wetland obligate Toxicodendren vernix, or Poison Sumac. It is another member of the Anacardiaceae or Cashew family. Note the dangling white berries and beware! This plant is every bit as itch inducing as poison ivy and rings the entire lake. Don't I pick the best vacation sites? :)

Actually Lake Kelso is just part of the Burton Wetlands in the Geauga Park District, an exceptionally nice series of parks with great trails and interpretive signs. Found in the same neighborhood as Punderson State Park, it is a great place for a fall relaxation retreat.

2007-10-03 01:24:26 GMT
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