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Fringe benefits October 10, 2007
Since it is no secret that wetlands are very cool places, it is probably time to show some of the specialized botany found in these locales.

Springville Marsh is one of my favorite places to visit, and as an added bonus, Tom Bartlett does some bird banding there. It is great to check out the botany and have a close up look at the birds as well. If you have never been to a bird banding program, I recommend it highly. You just can't imagine how different birds look when you are able to really see them up close. It is a fascinating way to learn about our avian friends.

But, I digress, back to the marsh... Springville Marsh is just out side of Carey, Ohio. Most folks living there probably have no idea what a treasure they have. There is some amazing botany to be seen from those board walks, as well as some incredible insects! This photo of Fringed Gentian, Gentianopsis crinta is just one example of many of the unusual and state listed flora that can be found only in marshes, bogs and fens.

The gentian is probably well past its glory this late in the year, but it is worth the trip to see it
next year, blooming along side of the Lady-tresses and Royal fern. Be on the look out for a White-faced Meadowhawk dragonfly as well, as I have been fortunate enough to see one there in the past. Springville is a magnificent example of the importance of wetlands for the preservation of the rarities found therein.

2007-10-11 01:17:35 GMT
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