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So Much Botany... October 25, 2007
So much botany, and so little time. Fall seems to be closing in on us, as well it should by late October. I find myself wandering this stretch of the B & O Bike Trail as often as I can sneak away. This is a premiere patch for biking and hiking in Richland county. Yesterday there was a bird "fall out" along this trail... and I barely remembered to come home for supper. The Golden-crowned Kinglets were zipping across the trail in front of me, teasing with their high pitched "tze-tze-tze."

The brilliant reds, yellows and oranges of the
Sassafras tree, Sassafras albidum in this photo were enough to make me want to return. A member of the Laurel family, sassafras has been utilized by man and wildlife alike. Flowers, showy blue fruits, breath-taking displays of fall color, and a nice cup of tea, :) what more could a plant offer? It is especially charming with its three leaf forms. You can find oval, mitten-shaped, tri-lobed leaves all on the same stem. How very clever!

Just down the path a bit, past the curve in this photo, lies a wonderful wetlands. Spring-peepers and chorus frogs abound in the spring, and today I was mesmerized by the comings and going of Wood Duck, Gadwall, and a Northern Shoveler.

So call in sick- if you have to- call in dead! Just find a way- any way- to go out and enjoy these last, beautiful fall days and the cool,
air. I may forget to come home again tomorrow too. :)

2007-10-26 03:19:20 GMT
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