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Spencer Lake November 09, 2007

The crisp, cool fall days are a time for clean up, for most gardeners. Leaves are raked, precious plants carried back into the house, tender bulbs dug and stored to await the next spring. Crops are harvested from the fields, tools cleaned, re-racked and pots stacked for sleep, protected from the winter snows. At least that is how it is in a perfect world.

However, instead of garden chores, I have been hiking and birding with reckless abandon. Today I enjoyed the views at Spencer Lake. Instead of working my way into fall, this year I have just enjoyed it. Letting it fall, as it were, all around me. I'm enjoying the deep tones of burgundy, crimson red, robust orange and hues of yellows like I have never seen them before. Each tree has a signature of fall foliage color, which I've taken for granted for years. But no more.

The beautiful colors we experience in Ohio are a treat reserved for less than ΒΌ of the population of the world. Very warm or tropical countries, and the colder edges of earth never experience these fantastic fall colors. In recent years, there is even a rising concern that global warming is reducing the intensity of the colors in the northern states of America, and Canada has become the recipient of the more vibrant hues. Whether that has been scientifically proven, I found no definitive evidence, but no one disputes the dates of color change have been pushed nearly two weeks later in the year.

So this year, enjoy your leaves and treasure your moments of fall- ready or not winter is on its way.
2007-11-10 01:39:45 GMT
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