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My Favorite Mustard April 17, 2007
The Brassicaceae, or Mustard family has many, many members including everything from Dame's Rocket to Garlic Mustard. A major characteristic is a four petaled flower, and one of my favorites is this lovely purple ephemeral. An early arrival, it doesn't seem to be too picky about its habitat. Last week I drove past a large stand in a local ditch and slammed on the brakes to get a better view. Yes, don't tail gate a weedpicker in the springtime, or you are begging for disaster.

This little beauty was photographed in a very wet woods in Adario, Ohio. The soil there is a muck that was once a bog. A morning hike with one of the best botanists around, Steve McKee, is always my idea of a good time. Every girl should own a pair of knee high boots for this type of social occasion. This particular woods was filled with Trout lily and Trilliums, along with this Cardamine douglassii, or Purple Cress. I hope you have some in your neighborhood too. :)

Brassicaceae – Mustard family
2007-04-18 01:44:43 GMT
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