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Native Plant Societies December 04, 2007
Ohio has a number of good native plant societies, and I belong to several. I have recently been reading the Journal of the Native Pant Society of Northeastern Ohio; it is called On The Fringe. Their logo has a Fringed Gentian, hence the photo featured today. You might remember this photo from October, and if you are interested in the plant details, you can find them on that earlier post.

Today's blog is about this great newsletter that comes along with the membership to NPSNO.
Every issue has information about native plants and the places you'll find them. It has many interesting articles dealing with the likes of plant names (taxonomy), various plant species, and nature preserves-the kind you visit- not the preserves you eat! :) This month's publication has articles, just to cite a few, on Fire and Regeneration and the plant Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium. Another article in the December Newsletter: Desonier State Nature Preserve. It is a wonderful spot my daughter and I have hiked in Athens county, and I recommend it for a Sunday stroll.

Although I have not yet made it to one of the NPSNO field trips (some day I will) they are bound to be informative too. But for my money, getting this newsletter and supporting a good group interested in the conservation of native plants makes membership a good deal. I am certain they would be happy to take your money too (they can't be too picky about members- I am in! :) So check out details on the web- and you'll be enjoying their fine newsletter in 2008 as well.

2007-12-04 12:28:13 GMT
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