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Sprucing Up! December 13, 2007
This handsome specimen of the conifers is a cold weather dream. It would almost seem wrong not to show the Norway Spruce, Picea abies covered in snow.

Although this plant occurs commonly, wherever people strive to enhance their landscape; it
is not native to Ohio. It can become gigantic- and the largest tree I ever saw decorated with lights was a Norway Spruce in Lakeside, Ohio. It was quite a sight!

Shiny, dark green, bunt-tipped needles measuring 1/2 to 1 inches and long, sagging cones registering 4-6 inches in length are keys to this spruce. But the easiest way to remember this giant is the uncanny "Dr. Seuss" qualities to the tree. It has long saggy, drooping branchlets that bring back memories of a Truffla tree. With a mental picture like that, you'll never get confused on this tree again. Who knew the good Dr. was a tree-hugging liberal? :)

Our holiday hopes will be for a Lorax to speak for our trees in Mohican Country, or at least an agreement on the gas line easements. There is a world of biodiversity in that un-glaciated gorge, and we would sure like to keep it that way.

Peace and joy, Weed-picker
2007-12-14 01:48:57 GMT
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