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The Expert December 18, 2007
We have pretty much covered the native Richland County conifers: White pine, Eastern Red-Cedar, Eastern Hemlock. We may come back for the Canada Yew- a favorite fodder for local deer.

In order to maximize time- I am enlisting an expert. That's right! A true Tree Dude, the guy who sells evergreens for Wade and Gatton, a local nursery of great acclaim. I visited this lot in Ontario Ohio, to photograph all those species you may encounter this December. Mr. Tree Dude came out to help me, and probably wondered what "nut case" needs photos of cut Christmas tree. That would be me :)

Once I explained the reasoning behind the photos- he was more than happy to trot me through the lot, grilling me on species and pointing out fine lines of distinction between them. I did fairly well, but learned even more about evergreens. This is no Boy Scout looking for a quick year end money maker- this guy really knows his stuff.

So here is to the Tree Dude- we will be featuring his stuff the next couple blogs.

2007-12-18 12:23:16 GMT
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