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Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree December 23, 2007
Finally, the mystery has been solved. What was that tree Charlie Brown took home for Christmas?

During our travels on the Wooster CBC yesterday, Su Snyder, Marc Nolls and I may have stumbled on to the answer! While visiting some feeders and awaiting the return of Wooster's Pine Warbler, I noted a conifer in the yard that looked like a giant Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

This is one of the deciduous conifers, and if my guess is right, it is a Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides. I admit it would be difficult to tell without leaves or seeds to assess. However, I happen to know this property owner works at OSU ATI where Secrest Arboretum has been promoting Dawn Redwood as a "native plant". Most would consider that a bit of a stretch, although they have been found in Ohio's fossil records. That is going back a ways though. They certainly have not been native in recent history. In fact, Dawn Redwoods were not re-discovered by modern man until 1941; a small pocket of these trees remain growing wild in their native habitat in China. They are closely related to our Bald Cypress and Redwoods.

A beautiful species they are, especially in the summer- with their full complement of leaves. And whether you think they are native or not, they are an interesting tree. :)
2007-12-23 13:43:46 GMT
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