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Another Specialist... December 26, 2007
There is one more specialist to consult on Christmas Trees. The Grinch knows exactly what to do with them. And if you have a live tree, or should that be "once live " tree now on life support systems, it is time to pull the plug. Cut trees drying out in your house not only create a nuisance with falling needles, but they are actually a huge fire hazard. Do yourself a favor and drag it outside as soon as possible. Better yet, drag it out to your bird feeding station. It will provide a safe haven of cover for your birds, coming and going at the feeder. Besides, it might make your neighbors crazy to think you would leave a dead Christmas tree in the yard for months on end! What could be more festive than that? Don't you love the holidays! :)

If you bought a live tree, bagged and burlaped or in a bucket, it is high time to get it back outside too. Just take care to protect its root ball from temperature extremes until you are able to plant it. Hopefully you have 20 or thirty bags of leaves you kept for this purpose, or a dump truck load of mulch, as either will do nicely. And try to remember that cute little 4 foot tall Blue Spruce will be 15-20' around and 60 foot tall in 10-20 years, so you might not want to plant it right next to the house. Give it a little room to grow, and you will both be happier. :)

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday. Now, Grinch and I have some work to do,,,

Weedpicker Cheryl

2007-12-26 12:12:25 GMT
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