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Southern Seredipity January 07, 2008

Serendipity: Webster calls it “the faculty of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.”

Exactly! Thoughts of an upcoming Appalachian Butterfly Conference has me a tither with the possibilities. Sorting through some past photos from Shawnee and Adams County, I stumbled upon this stunner.

I understand, a little gray-brown butterfly no bigger than a button may not send shivers up your spine. But when it finally sunk into my thick skull - this is no ordinary Banded Hairstreak, this is something different! I was stoked: Butterflies!

So, it is actually a Southern Hairstreak, Fixsenia favinius ontario according to Jaret Daniel's Butterflies of Ohio, Northern Oak Hairstreak if you use the Kauffman guide. Either way... it is a new one for me and an attractive little guy I might add.

So pull out your field guides and start brushing up on your skipper and hairstreak IDs, 'cause August will be here before you know it. Weedpicker loves wings!

2008-01-08 00:46:44 GMT
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