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Butterflies and philosophy January 08, 2008

Botanizing, birding, or butterflying, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have met the best people, and made the dearest friends in the world of nature studies. So many are talented individuals, willing to share their time, knowledge and the photos of their latest, greatest find.

Not just fair weather friends, but friends who are kind and care for you when the chips have been down. Dave Lewis, Loopyone, is just one of those folks who cheer me on and make me smile day after day. Friends are a little like ambassadors- helping you make your way through life with the least resistance and most encouragement for your growth and gain. You gotta love someone who loves birds, and is willing to delve into butterflies and dragonflies- just ‘cause you tell him they are good. It is all good! Get out there and look at this stuff. You may even have some FUN!

Loopy is becoming famous, and you can find his work on the websites for WCAS, Kirtland bird, Flora-quest and more!

The butterfly? This is a Red-spotted Purple, Limenitis arthernis astyanax, a common butterfly that is one of my favorites. Rarely do you find them nectaring on flowers, like this Buddleia (non-native- Bad Dave!) These beautiful creatures are drawn to the seamier side of life: dung, sap and compost. So what is a nice butterfly doing in a place like this? Just being who they really are: it is not bad; just a fact of life. The philosophy is free today- with the butterfly photo and blog.
2008-01-08 22:18:04 GMT
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