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The Buzz... February 06, 2008
Richland County Master Gardeners are hosting a program on "The Buzz.. about Pollinators " at Gorman Nature Center on Monday, Feb 11th at 7:00 pm. Our presenter, my good friend, Roger Downer is on the National Pollinator Board. Oh yeah, he is a real V.I.P.! :) Guys would kill to have that "handle" while cruising the bars on Friday night. But, I digress...

So Roger is coming to Mansfield to amaze the locals with his knowledge on bees, native and otherwise. And not only bees, but also moths, beetles, butterflies, and bats are pollinators too! He has lots of fascinating information as was discovered recently, while we were on the radio. Did you know that most of your food is brought to you by pollinators? And not just the obvious fruits and vegetables, but important things, like coffee... and chocolate!

The photo is your basic European honeybee, a non-native, pollinating another non-native: an Angelique tulip. Even a confirmed native plant freak can enjoy the beauty of a breath-taking bloom like this one. After all, it is, or at least its ancestors were, native somewhere. Tulips were native to Turkey, not Holland. But that is another blog on another day.

Call Gorman Nature Center for details on the program, 419-884-3764.

2008-02-06 23:16:38 GMT
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