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White Ibis February 28, 2008

Butterflies and flowers make you feel good. Nature has a soothing effect on one's senses, and sharing a wonderful feeling is what we love to blog about. I promise to share some of the early spring flower photos as a total restorative, however, one more on the Mississippi before we bounce off to feel-good land.

This photo captured one of the most incredible sights of my life. It is a great tragic irony: my "life" White Ibis shuffling though plastic bottles, cast-off buckets and automotive tires. My first real look at the Mississippi held wonders and horrors in the same glance. Picking through trash, amidst Herring Gulls and a couple of Cattle Egrets, 5 White Ibis were a breath-taking find for this birder-wanta-be. Dad and I watched in awe, being our first encounter in the wild with this exotic creature so remote from our daily lives.

And how could I blithely walk away from the encounter and not be forever changed? Man has created such wonders on earth, and unleashed such horrors at the same time. When will we start practicing the things we were taught in kindergarten? Picking up after yourself and taking responsibility for your own messes is the first step to making the whole world better.

Even if we have to start by cleaning up someone else's mess, it would be worth it. Let's work on it together. We all have to live in this world, including those Ibis.

2008-02-29 03:58:05 GMT
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