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Snow Day! March 09, 2008

March in Ohio is a weather roulette. Spin the wheel and who knows where it will land: cool, wet sunny, warm, snowy or BLIZZARD!

Yesterday was the big Rain Gardens and Watersheds workshop at Kingwood, and everyone stayed home... except the three speakers and the guys cleaning the parking lot. Staying home was a good plan too, because once we got to Kingwood the blizzard really hit. Visibility was about ten feet, and the freshly plowed walks gained another 2 inchs of snow in the hour I tried to gather my courage to head home.

Fortunately, very kind friends offered to put me up (or was that, put up with me? ) for as long as it took. I found myself the happy patron of Debbie's House, a very exclusive and private B & B ten blocks away from Kingwood. Unplowed roads made for an interesting trip there- and there was no turning back. The snow fell, and fell, and... well, you get the picture. Sixteen inches of snow made for some awesome cross-county skiing adventures up and down the city streets, after all, no cars were using them!

I am sorry the weather made attending the program implausible (and the speaker's schedules make it look impossible to re-schedule), but our gamble and loss with the weather men set me up for some great meals and winter fun at a well-run retreat! :) By noon today, the roads had been sufficiently plowed and the drifts in my long, country drive were leveled enough to hazard a try. It's good to be home- but it was a great mini-vacation at Debbie's House.

Once all this snow starts melting, and the rain predicted by the weather man hits, we will all wish we had a rain garden in our yard. Oh well, Think Spring!

2008-03-09 17:34:40 GMT
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