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Diversity March 12, 2008

Wildlife Diversity! Today was the big conference in Columbus, hosted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. This is not just the "hook and bullet" crowd. It is nice to know over 900 people in Ohio will gather to hear about critters that creep, crawl and go bump in the night. We have many interesting animals in Ohio and you don't even need a license to watch them.

I really admire the forward thinking bunch in Columbus who have provided us with those handy little ID and info guides for Owls, Dragonflies, and now WARBLERS! I can't wait to hear this CD... I am totally ready for the migration '08. Bring it on!

Today's keynote speaker was David Wagner, author of what I consider the worlds best caterpillar book. OK, there could be a better one in say... Russia, and I wouldn't know. But I doubt this one could be beat! Great photos, interesting facts and stories, and larval foods, it has it all. And Wagner gave a great presentation too. Who knew there were so many mimicry devices employed by caterpillars? Some look like, snakes, some like spiders, or bird poop (yes, you read that right), and some whistle and hiss!

Caterpillars can be so exciting ! The "cat" in this photo looks like he is sporting dred-locks! What could be better than finding an amazing Regal Moth caterpillar? John Howard, from Adams county took this picture. He sends me the most awesome pictures of all manner of wildlife diversity. Thanks John!

And now, the good folks at ODW, Shawnee State Forest and The Edge are having the first every Appalachian Butterfly Conference in Scioto and Adams counties on Aug. 9-10th, 2008. There are even caterpillar and moonlight moth forays planned. I can't wait after seeing today's program. Bring on the lepidoptera! Jaret Daniels, author of Butterflies of Ohio will be the keynote speaker. Bring your copy to get it signed. Registrations are now on line- just click right here.

Butterflies, "cats" and moths! Oh, MY! Hope to see you there-

PS. If you would like to have one of those nifty Warbler booklets and CD- you should contact ODOW at : 1-800-WILDLIFE (1-800-945-3543) or e-mailing

2008-03-13 02:06:28 GMT
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