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"Interrupted" Blog May 07, 2007
The Interrupted fern, Osmunda claytonia, is a good choice for this interrupted blog! These ferns were making quite a display during Flora-Quest this weekend. Last minute details had me otherwise occupied from blogging new plants, but four days in the beautiful hills of Shawnee Forest has me renewed and loaded with tons of new plant photos to share.

Steve McKee was the Flora-quest fern guy, and he knows his ferns. He spent a good deal of time on the Harry Knighton trail with the good people from Shawnee, helping to identify ferns for the interpretive walk.

Back to the flora :) Interrupted fern is a close relative to the Cinnamon fern. It is easily identified by those spore bearing leaflets in the middle- interrupting the frond. Even the "fern challenged" will soon be identifying this fabulous fern.

2007-05-07 17:00:51 GMT
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