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Resurrection-correction March 26, 2008

Ferns! My nemesis. They all look the same to me. Steve McKee tells me they are easy, as Mohican has about 20 ferns to learn- and then you know them all.

How much trouble could I get into when a naturalist gave me the common name of the resurrections fern? Apparently, when I first wrote on the resurrection fern, I was in way over my head. Thanks to a friend and great botanist who threw me a life line!

This is a good example of the confusing cross-overs in common names. Checking in the USDA plant data base, there are five listings under "resurrection". Three are in the genus Pleopeltis. The plant in this photo appears to be Resurrection fern, Pleopeltis polypodioides. It is rare in Indiana and threatened in Ohio; I encountered this fern in Louisiana.

However, with closer inspection of my photo, the leaf reminds me of a fern I have seen at the Mohican Outdoor School: a rock polypody. That must have occurred to the namer as well, if you note "polypodioides" is the species name. Anytime we see the "oidies" it means "like". So this fern is "like a polypody". My thoughts exactly, once I got headed in the right direction.

Thanks for being patient with me, I am learning along with you! :) Weedpicker

2008-03-26 20:53:11 GMT
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