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Color-Up ! April 01, 2008
Color-UP Finch Food

Be the first one on your block to own this amazing new product: Color–Up Finch food!

Tired of seeing dull, drab finches at your feeder? Just pour this astounding product into your current finch feed, and watch for the miraculous results! Ms. Bambi Boysen started using this product in March ‘07 and in one short month, those dull drab finches had colored up to a resounding yellow.

Enjoy the brightest American Finches on the block. Only a teaspoon added to your current finch food will make all the difference. Watch your finches change before your very eyes.*

We will ship 5 oz. of this remarkable product; just send your check or money order for $12.99 to:

Color-up Finch Food
April Fool’s Drive
Anytown, Ohio 43000

*Best used in warming weather. This product may take up to 3 months to become effective if used during the coldest months of winter

2008-04-02 00:21:05 GMT
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