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Preparing for Flora-Quest April 07, 2008

Preparing for an event like Flora-quest takes a great deal of work, and fortunately we have some wonderful people helping out. Kevin and Jenny, from Shawnee State Park, along with Lisa and the entire lodge staff are all preparing for our visit. Paula is keeping track of your registrations, while Dave Reipenhoff, the Scioto Foundation and Tom Cross of Adams County Travel have all been incredibly supportive as well. Many botanists will come from all corners of Ohio to share their expertise with participants, and help search out the most unusual plants for our viewing delight.

A friend in Shawnee sent recent photographic evidence of preparations for the big event. It appears someone has been busy attempting provide mistletoe for our viewing pleasure. However, as the caption of today’s photo suggests, there may have been a breech in communication:

“Yeah, Jim McCormac ordered this, where do you want your missile towed?"

This warmer weather must be ramping up the excitement levels among both botanists and novice plant-seekers! Like little kids counting down for Christmas, we can hardly wait!

2008-04-07 18:24:14 GMT
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