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Sidewalk Plants April 15, 2008

As a small child, walks in town were always punctuated with sing-songy “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back.” We kids from the country wanted to avoid any and all bad luck associated with city life.

Here is a sidewalk crack in Lakeside that holds another possibility, and some might say Bur Buttercup, Ceratocephalus testiculatus is also bad luck. While still a rarity in Ohio, found only in Ottawa County, this buttercup is on the move.  First discovered on the Ohio islands in the late 1980’s, its flowers are no bigger than a pencil eraser.  Bur buttercup is listed as poisonous and considered a noxious weed in parts of the west, and this little bur-head must be making the rounds, as this photo was from the city of Lakeside.

Also listed as Curveseed Butterwort in the USDA Plant Database; this is a member of the family Ranunculaceae. Rana is Latin for “little frog,” an apt name for a plant species known for growing in moist or wet places. You have to love a plant named for frogs!

2008-04-15 23:53:23 GMT
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