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Forest Gem May 9, 2007

Everyone is looking at Warblers this week, those Neo-tropical jewels which are in migration through Ohio. And while I would like to be with my buddies up at Magee Marsh, I will post a "Gem" I saw last week.

Tiny little brown butterflies often bear closer inspection. This one was so small and insignificant looking, it would be easy to pass right on by. But under the scrutiny of a camera lens, the tiny little jewels on this dimenutive satyr are quite delightful. The entire butterfly is no more than dime sized, so the gems are 1 carat sized!

Have I given enough clues? This is the Gemmed Satyr, a resident of Shawnee Forest found at the Overlook. While it is not the Falcate Orange-tip I was hoping for, it is a beautiful lepidoptera worth the closer look.

2007-05-09 21:57:01 GMT
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