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Oh, Henry! April 21, 2008

I don't know who Henry was, or how he got this marvelous butterfly named after him, but it is another great reason to visit Shawnee in the springtime.

Henry's Elfin is but a dime sized butterfly, some would dismiss as a "LBJ" -little brown job, that is. But to study one closely would change any nay-sayer's mind. The subtle shadings of silvery-gray and hind wings in constant motion are two field marks for our boy. Easy to overlook, but once seen- you'll be looking for him again. This butterfly is the redbud muncher, mentioned in the previous blog. And the Henry's larva, munching on the Eastern redbud are probably a favorite snack for some migrating warbler. Isn't the food chain a marvelous thing? Just the same- I am glad my species is at the top! :)

This stunning Henry's Elfin photo was provided by John Howard.

2008-04-22 03:50:13 GMT
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