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Dusky Wings April 24, 2008

These little brown jobs can be confusing! The Ohio Lepidopterist have a program completely dedicated to sorting out the various skippers, and yes, I am a skipper school surviver.

The best way to go about sorting these dime sized divas: start with the flight period. Right now three types of skippers are flying in Shawnee Forest. Juvenal's Dusky Wing, Dreamy Dusky Wing and Sleepy Dusky Wing.

With a close-up photo of a Juvenal's Dusky Wing, you can start to appreciate their subtle beauty. The key to unlocking the early spring Dusky Wing dilema is the creamy-white dots on the fore wings. Juvenal's is the only one flying now that has those dots.

Remember, most of these skippers look like a little brown moth when they first fly by, but under closer inspection, they are really quite lovely. Hopefully, this photo can convince you to slow down and sort the skippers. They are worth the time it takes to investigate their differences.

2008-04-24 10:39:37 GMT
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