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Forest favorities April 29, 2008

Sorry posts have been a bit infrequent of late, and I hoped to post more Skippers, as John Howard sent some great ones. But since I am pressed for time- let's go right for the eye candy, shall we?

As colorful as a warbler, and almost as charming- one of Shawnee Forest's best-known offering is the ornithologist's delight: Birdfoot Violet. Bold colors, bright patterns and fabulous "birdfoot" shaped foliage add up to make this member of the Violaceae family a favorite at Shawnee. This year they are coming up in good number and the size was enormous- for a birdfoot violet, that is. They are putting on a show that could make those store bought pansies blush.

Found only in 7 of Ohio's counties, and know also from the Oak Openings, these charismatic Viola pedata, Birdfoot Violets are sure to be a crowd pleaser at Flora-Quest this week end. Hope to see many of you there, along with some unbelievable botany and birds. I won't know whether to look up or down!

2008-04-29 11:43:11 GMT
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