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A Botanical Star May 06, 2008

Easily over looked on botanical outings, perhaps this little native needs a publicist. The star-like qualities of this chickweed has always appealed to my imagination.

Star Chickweed, Stellaria pubera is one of many chickweeds found in Ohio. It, like the fire pink featured yesterday, is a member of the Caryophyllaceae or pinks family. Listed as endangered in both Illinois and New Jersey, it is found in about 22 counties in Ohio, mostly the southern and north-east plant communities. It appears to be in the Mohican region as well, so maybe we should round up some of Steve McKee's plant detectives and see if we can search it out.

Not the showiest of plants, I grant you, but it is the showiest of all the chickweeds. :)Its white flowers have deeply clefted petals- and the species name- pubera should be a clue to look for hair. Indeed, it does have 2 lines of hair on the stem.

I have only seen this plant in Shawnee, so it holds a very special place in my botanical galaxy.

2008-05-06 22:04:56 GMT
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