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IMBD May 11, 2008

Yesterday was International Migratory Bird Day, and I would be remiss if I did not post at least one photo from my mid-week dash to Magee Marsh near Oak Harbor, Ohio. The birding was phenomenal on Thursday and Friday, when we experienced a couple of mini-fallouts, that is- when birds drop low in the trees and bushes in a feeding frenzy. Weather systems were coming and going, stacking the birds up on both days, but clearing on Saturday found the boardwalk with more humans than avians.

Some of the highlights from Thursday and Friday include a leucistic Black-throated Blue which sported a shockingly white head. Another favorite feature, became viewing the Whip-poor-will fast asleep in a tree not far removed from the boardwalk. These two birds might well have be the most photographed of all the week. They were definitely the talk of the trail.

This photo I captured of a Black-throated Green (zee-zee-zee-zoo zee) was a thrill for me. While reviewing my photos, we found half my shots were of empty branches, some included a flash of tail feathers exiting the scene. Friends suggested I publish a warbler photo book called: "It just flew." So much for my supportive friends! :)

Magee is a magical place to visit during migration, but Black-throated Greens can be found breeding in the Mohican Forest and we should find them in good number during the OOS Conference on May 16-18. Hope to see you there!

2008-05-11 10:59:24 GMT
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