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Restful Amish Farm May 20, 2008

The vast hemlock gorge of Mohican Forest and surrounding scenic Amish country played host to the annual OOS Convention this past weekend. Three incredible speakers and field trips led by many well-known and respected birding guides (ie. Bill Thompson III, Greg Miller, Dan Sanders, Jim McCormac, and a host of others) filled the days and nights with non-stop activity. Dudley Edmondson and I had great time visiting youth in the Mansfield City School District, thanks to a local grant made available through GMAS and the Richland Foundation. A jam packed weekend has me reflecting with smiles, and needing a little restful recovery!

One highlight from our weekend was a trip to see Barn Owls on this Amish farm. Although it necessitated a one hour drive through "S" curves and buggy rutted roads, it was deemed well worth it, by the 15- 20 folks who lined up to peek in a silo for their "life" bird. While pheasants called from a nearby field, barn and cliff swallows plied their trade, devouring any offending flies that dare despoil our scene. Purple Martins (photo above) lined-up on their roosts, surveying the idyllic country view, and perhaps checking off the birders on their life lists! "Oh, Martha, there is Greg Miller, the guy they wrote that birding book about! "

Today I wish for you a peaceful day, full of plants and greenery like this an Amish Farm. And hope your weekend was a wonderfully filled with friends and activities- but not so full that we forget to be thankful for all the beauty and blessings we have in nature.

2008-05-20 10:57:37 GMT
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