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Fringe-tree May 29, 2008

The Ohio Governor's Residence Heritage Garden has gathered from the four corners of our state the most beautiful and unusual native plants for an educational display. Native plants can be used in the landscape, and their benefits to native species of fauna have been well documented.

Wednesday's training session for the Heritage Garden Ambassadors was another opportunity to see Ohio's best native plants blooming away- in Bexley. A real stunner was the Fringe-tree, Chionanthus virginicus, growing in the Appalachian garden.

These flowing white flowers can be used as an accent in your landscape as well. Last year my kind friends gifted me with a memorial tree in honor of mother. It survived mid-Ohio's harsh winter very nicely and is beginning to flower in my side yard. Fringe-trees are not commonly found at discount stores; you'll have to look for them at one of the better nurseries- one carrying native plants. It is well worth the effort to procure one of these southern beauties, as its confetti-like white blossoms would make a dramatic focal point in any yard.

Thanks again to my friends for this thoughtful gift, it will be a lovely memory every year. Weedpicker

2008-05-30 01:04:11 GMT
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