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Wildlife in the landscape June 08, 2008

Sometimes when you landscape with natives and invite wildlife in, you actually get... wildlife. Here are a couple of cute fellows playing in the back yard this evening. That was probably their Mama I caught stealing suet a couple of days ago. At the time, it was obvious she was nursing, so we didn't even begrudge her the free meal.

It is a little odd these guys are out on their own, and yet I resisted the urge to interfere. Nature has been taking care of business for a long time - and I try not to mess with the balance. OK. I admit they got a free bowl of soggy dog food, but they are still hanging out at their tree.

Maybe Momma is just out on the prowl, and one hand out from a stranger might make tonight's work easier. Besides, they were awfully cute!

2008-06-09 02:15:44 GMT
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