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Hoary Edge June 20, 2008

Summer flowering trees are exciting, but this butterfly is too exciting to wait another day. It is hard to believe one could get so revved up about a skipper- but here it is! In a family of butterflies, known for being confusing brown and gray, nearly moth-like creatures, here is one you'll want to commit to memory.

The Hoary Edge could be tossed off as a Silver-spotted skipper, however the white pattern on the underwing is much more subtle. Incredibly, after a life time of looking at butterflies, I saw my first one last week. And this week we found two more while pre-scouting some butterfly spots in Shawnee State forest!

If you like butterflies- you want to put the Appalachian Butterfly Conference on your calendar. You can find the agenda and registration right here on the Flora-quest web site. Just check out the butterfly page, and we'll see you there!

2008-06-21 01:24:44 GMT
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