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Butterfly Bait June 26, 2008

OK, the Weedpicker put in a long day yesterday, traveling 3 hours to ground zero for the mysterious Burrowing Owl of Ohio. And inherent with any bird chase, some days you win, some days... you don't.

While didn't score any fascinating photos like some other bloggers we know, I did have a great time with friends and family. We had wonderful looks at a Horned Lark intent on displaying himself to the crowd from a fence post perch, perhaps our consolation prize? And a charming Savannah Sparrow sang its little buzzy song within 10 yards from our cars.

And butterflies, there were definitely butterflies! I have to assume there are some horses around this farm, and although I did not see them, their composted "past meal remains" were present all along the lane. And although it held no charm for the Burrowing Owl, or the other birders, the butterflies and I were checking it out. OK, the butterflies were checking it out- and I was checking out the butterflies.

I tried to get friends to fill their pockets and bring it along to the Appalachian Butterfly Conference, but they were not cooperative. So I guess I will be the only one there with "butterfly bait". You might not want to stand too close to me :) Weedpicker

2008-06-26 12:26:22 GMT
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