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Bio-Blitz July 07, 2008
Thanks to theAshland County Park District crew, everyone had a great time at the Audubon Wetlands Preserve Bio-blitz on Saturday. Some nice park folks helped out as guides (it is a big place out there) and of course without Tom Kruse's boardwalk crew- we would have never made it into the middle sections!
The Ohio Young Birders were on hand as well, with Kim and Kenn Kaufman and Delores Coles helping with the birding and transportation of kids. A special thanks to all of our experts, including Dick Stoffer, Rick Gardner, Guy Denny, Kim and Kenn Kaufman. The sightings seemed endless, and everyone had fun, at least both groups I went out with certainly did!
One high point of the day was a fabulous field of butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa and the nectaring Hickory Hairstreak butterflies. These little guys are very small, about the size of a penny. I can never see them well enough to call them in the field. However, one kid was a butterfly IDing wonder, and it looks like his field call of a hickory hairstreak was correct. The size of the blue patch on the hindwing and the chocolate brown coloring between the white dashes are significant field marks.
Our team was specializing on dragonflies and butterflies, and we bumbled through some major floodplains to try the Jerome Fork River for dragonflies. It was a long trek but we were rewarded with some nice damsels and a snout butterfly! Working our way along the channel- we heard quite a ruckus ahead- carefully wading through alternating woodnettle, Laportea canadensis (ouch!) and knee deep water, we found a Great Blue Heron Rookery right off the channel. Adults were flying in to feed very noisy youths standing upright in the nests. We counted 7 nests, or partial nests, total and at least 7 young. Guy got some photos and I hope to post one on the GMAS website within the next couple of days.
It was a exhausting but exciting day- with many wonderful finds!
2008-07-07 11:37:01 GMT
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