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Acadian Hairstreak July 09, 2008

Kitty Todd and the Oak Openings area in Toledo have the most amazing fauna and flora. Every other plant you see is rare or endangered, and the butterflies and dragonflies are incredible as well. The 2008 Ohio Prairie Convention will be held July 18-19 th at the Oaks and I would highly recommend it. The Friday program is one of the finest nature photographers around, and his program will be: Touch the Sky: Prairie Photography of Jim Brandenburg.

My friend Jackie Riley, who does the butterfly count at Kitty Todd, had an unusual beastie this week and was kind enough to send along the photo. An Acadian Hairstreak, Satyrium acadica was a very exciting find. What stands out to me, is the roundness of most of the spots. Kudos to her for looking this little fellow over long enough to see it is not just your average "Edwards" of the Oaks. The rarities are so common up there- I suspect most of the local horses are zebras.

And if you're into rarities, be certain to look at the Golden-wing Skimmer on Ohio Birds and Biodiversity. This must be the most unbelievable dragonfly known to Ohio. What an amazing find! Rick Nirschl has found some awesome stuff in the past, but this is the grand-daddy of great finds. It just goes to show how important discoveries can be made by regular folks in the field.

2008-07-09 12:17:44 GMT
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