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Captive raised Karners July 15, 2008

Here is one last view of a Karner Blue. This little guy was captive raised and released as a part of the program to re-populate the Oak Openings with these frail blue flutter-bys.

A keen observer will note an "extra" dot on the side of this Karner Blue. The Toledo Zoo's staff places a red spot on captive raised butterflies in order to sort them out from any of the population that is currently breeding in the wild. It is a fascinating program, and Jackie Riley counts the butterflies at the Kitty Todd transect (a set path). Ohio has a fabulous butterfly monitoring system, and these volunteers really know their stuff. Jackie wrote a great article about this subject and you can go right here to read it.

If you like butterflies and would like to help collect data about Ohio's butterflies, I hope you will consider becoming a butterfly monitor. Check the Ohio Lepidopterist's website for more details.

2008-07-16 02:16:41 GMT
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