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Picnic on the Prairie August 04, 2008

Blue skies and sunshine were the perfect complement to the GMAS picnic at Stucker Meadow, a back yard prairie created by Don Beam. The view-scape of flowers, and forbs became an adventure as he led a small group into the sea of vegetation. He pointed out many unusual, and some state listed species, all of which were collect in the mid-Ohio region. Big Bluestem grass and Cup-plant, Silphium perfoliatum towered over our heads, while Rose-pink, Sabatia angularis (photo above) and Prairie Loosestrife, Lysimachia quadriflora were decorated by the dappled sunlight filtering down to our knee and ankle range.

Don's knowledge on growing and maintaining a prairie is incredible, and his plants are first-rate. If you ever have an opportunity to visit Stucker Meadow, you will not be disappointed! You have never fully appreciated a prairie until you wade out into 6-8' tall grasses towering over you head. It is an amazing feeling, and one very few people get to enjoy in modern America.

2008-08-05 04:01:24 GMT
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