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Orchids August 08, 2008

Scouting for events is the most fun a budding botanist and butterfly lover could possibly have. We scoured the roadsides and hilltops of Shawnee yesterday, while strategically placing butterfly bait: rotten peaches.

One of the most spectacular finds was an electric line right-of-way filled with a stunning display of Yellow Fringed Orchids, Platanthera ciliaris. This beautiful orange hued orchid is state listed as threatened in Ohio, and was a life orchid for this blogger. The name seemed like a misnomer, as yellow did not fairly describe this natural wonder. However, I was assured Yellow Fringed Orchid does indeed come in a more yellow color phase as well.

Those attending the Appalachian Butterfly Conference in Shawnee should have ample opportunity to see this incredible beauty with their own eyes. It certainly made my day!

2008-08-08 10:59:51 GMT
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