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Golden-banded Skipper August 10, 2008

We had a wonderful weekend at the Appalachian Butterfly Conference, thanks to all the guides, Kevin and Jenny, the park and lodge staff, members of the Shawnee Nature Club and all their sponsors.

The weather was spectacular, Jaret Daniels was a joy to meet in person, and all the speakers were rated very high on conference evaluations. It was a wonderful gathering of like-minded individuals, who enjoy seeing and conserving lepidoptera.

There were many, many highlights to the weekend, but one of the most exciting was a Golden-banded Skipper sighting. This Ohio rarity could easily be over looked as a Silver-spotted Skipper, but nothing got past our sharp guides. Gathered in awe around this little brown job with the golden stripe on its wings, many of our group got their life GBS there and then.

There were other amazing sightings to report, but this little blogger needs a day for recovery, afterward I'll post a bit more about the fabulous event at Shawnee. Until then, I'll be chasing butterflies and smiling in my sleep! :)

2008-08-11 01:40:58 GMT
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