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Great finds August 25, 2008

Once again, my friend Jackie Riley sends some great photos from Kitty Todd. Rarities abound at this preserve in northeastern Ohio. Known for its sand blowouts and Oak barrens, this rare Ohio geology drives the unusual plant and bug sightings.

The Leonard's Skipper featured in the photo is considered rare to occasional in Ohio. They can be quite numerous during an outbreak at Kitty Todd, a regular "lek" of Leonard's if you will. Use the distinctive row of creamish white spots on the hindwing to separate these boys from the other skippers.

And for the weedpickers, look at the Liatris the Leonard's is nectaring on! This is another specialty from the Oak Openings region: Liatris aspera or Rough Blazing Star. It is a liatris of dry open places, and the Oaks certainly qualify. The amazing Adam's County prairies in southern Ohio are also on the short list of Ohio counties with this rarity.

Meanwhile, I have been spending time in the wetter places in northern Ohio enjoying the magnificence of fall migration. Step outside this week and take in all the signs of fall rushing in: locusts have tuned up their songs, long-legged shorebirds are passing through, fall color can't be too far away.

I have been so entranced with the beauty- my camera got left behind. :)

2008-08-25 10:54:53 GMT
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