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Migration August 26, 2008

Plant, animal, butterfly, bird: if it is outside- I want to see it, and now is the window of opportunity for some pretty exciting shorebirds. Late August and September marks the migration of many southbound birds, having bred in the prairie pot holes of the Dakotas or even further north into Canada and Alaska.

Ohio list-serve, brought to you by the courtesy of the OOS, is one place to find reports of some pretty special sightings. We have seen Tricolored Heron and Little Blue Heron in the company of Great Blue Herons and both Snowy and Great Egrets feeding along the backwaters off the Sandusky Bay. This was an exciting panoramic view of migration's big picture, but not very conducive to photography.

However, the appearance of a Marbled Godwit just outside of Dublin, Ohio has been spreading joy among the photographers, professional and amateur alike. This fellow has been posing for glamour-shots for several days now, in a small mudflat at Glacier Ridge, and at 18 inches of statuesque beauty he is worth the drive to visit. Even the most novice of birders will know they have seen something special when this long-billed mud driller goes to work. He has been entertaining the troops and probably converting new people to shore birding. At last! A shorebird that doesn't blend into the flock...

2008-08-26 11:26:58 GMT
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