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West Rutland, Vt. September 07, 2008

As good fortune would have it, while driving to Nova Scotia via Vermont, I was reading the Oct. '08 Birder's World "Hotspots" feature. #50 is West Rutland Marsh, Vermont, an amazing Important Birding Area (IBA) at the foot of the Green Mountains in a endless marsh occupying the entire valley, save a small corner where the locals live.

The Rutland County Audubon has a series of interpretive signs to aid in visitor's enjoyment, as well as a posting of bird sightings for the entire year. Rails to Ravens- this is absolutely the place to be for birding in Vermont. The dragonflies and botany were also exciting for this weary traveler! Marsh bellflowers, Campanula aparinoides held their delicate bells above the water levels, as they mingled with an endless array of wetland wonders.

Just beyond Rutland lies the ski resort, Killington and the historic late 1700's towns nestled into the mountains of aspen and white pine. A few hours later and our day has ended in Kennebunkport, Maine where the beaches and the Bushs can be found. :)

The last of the hurricane has already past by, finding today's shores breezy but warm. A perfect day for travel!

2008-09-08 01:15:31 GMT
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