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Maine Moose September 09, 2008

If Maine is the appetizer on this trip- I can't wait for the main course! Yesterday was devoted to Acadia National Park. The botany and butterflies abound- including a life White Admiral- yeah, I wished I got a picture too. But it was still most amazing!

Seal Harbor, Rand's Goldenrod, granite outcroppings everywhere- Maine ROCKS! Did I mention the blueberry fields forever? Maine is the world's blueberry capital. I have been searching the water-holes thoroughly for a moose- and so far this was the best I could do. Hope you enjoy his picture.

Bar Harbor (pronounced Baa-Haabah) has the best educated barmaids and waiters in the world! It reminds me of Put-in-Bay.

Today we crossed into Halifax, Nova Scotia- so the best is yet to come!

2008-09-09 19:25:13 GMT
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