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BIG adventures September 16, 2008

There have been so many adventures to tell about- and so little Internet connectivity. :( The Blogger gods have made posting impossible, but tonight I have a few quick minutes on line to post a photo from our Cape Breton, Nova Scotia trip.

But where to start with so little time? How about the biggest first, and what is bigger than a moose? Perhaps a whale!

Although hurricane Ike sent gray skies and the threat of rain, nothing could stop our group from our appointed Gulf of Saint Lawrence whale watch. As the photo shows, we were fortunate to see an entire pod of pilot whales- four are cavorting here- a total of ten were seen that day.

The whales were delightful to watch, as you plainly see by the smiles on our tour mate's faces! Canada is amazing, eh? Soon I'll be eating my way back to Ohio; we'll just follow the trail of Tim Horton's home. :) Bon temps!

2008-09-17 00:00:35 GMT
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