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Lake Erie Raptors September 28, 2008

Behold the veritable congo line of future chiropractic patients at the Lake Erie Raptor Conference outing held at Lake Erie Metro Parks today. If you think spring warbler watching can put a kink in the neck, you'll have to admire the determination of this group of potential "Raptor Back" victims. Looking straight overhead to sort "coopers" from "sharpies" the steadfast OOS and BSBO birders showed the stuff we are made of! No sissys in this group! Their "rapt" attention is given to counting the carnivores of the sky- RAPTORS!

Formations of Turkey Vultures glided high across the Detroit River, replicating the patterns of B-52 bombers on a serious mission. The crowd listened intently as our stellar gathering of guides- Wheeler, Kaufmans, McCormac, Cypher and others- called out the notable features of the flying circus over head.

Wonderful weather, good friends, a brain full of knowledge from the previous day's seminar, and even a few butterflies to chase on the sidelines, added up to a nearly perfect day!

Many novices got their first taste of hawk watching today, and we are all clamoring to do it again! Hopefully we can set our sights high for future events watching fall migration at it glory. Thanks to Karen Menard for masterfully heading this up- with the help of committee members and employees from BSBO and OOS. A great time was had by all!

2008-09-29 00:05:54 GMT
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